The Most Common Online Marketing Mistakes

06 Sep 2018

Having a business and new active website is just not enough to reach your targeted audience, create more leads and achieve sales. With over 1 billion live websites nowadays, think about the chances that your website will be visited by someone. As your business relies heavily on marketing, so does your website. Without proper web development, there will be no traffic to it, meaning that your website is practically dead in the digital world. It is as simple as that – no traffic, no sales. This is why your focus should be on inbound and outbound online marketing, social media, SEO, e-mails as well as paid advertising as they are all equally important for a good start. However, even though you can be spending hours working on it, you may see zero result. Here are some of the most common online marketing mistakes that you should try to avoid.

Regardless of user’s age, smart phones are devices used literally by everyone, and not only for making calls. This is why you should not overlook mobile users. Not having a mobile friendly website will greatly affect its traffic to it as users are not provided with a positive mobile experience. So, optimizing your website to a mobile friendly version is essential for getting more organic traffic.

A clear and relevant content on your website is another factor which will affect users’ experience. Longer posts do not mean more traffic. Make sure you break up your content into concise, more readable formats which will not only make people to read them, but also share them. Also, as a part of your content marketing strategy, include videos from your YouTube channel, Facebook or Instagram. Videos will definitely get people to check your website. 

Never forget to add a blog to your website. Blogs should be an important part of your web development that can help you start a relationship with your potential customers and interact with them. Let them comment on your blogs. It is a perfect way to get some feedback that can help you improve and grow your business. Try and respond to those comments. Maintaining the connection with your users will enhance their experience. To make sure that your blogs are reaching a wider audience, share them on your social media pages every day.

Offering discounts and promotions will also increase traffic not only to your website, but also to your store, so make sure they are advertised regularly. Rewarding your customers will definitely create greater customer loyalty.

Do not be worried if you have gone through this list, realizing that you are making these mistakes.

Acknowledging your faults is the first step in correcting them and creating a more successful online marketing strategy.